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its kpako , not a regular brand

Definitely, we all have something to talk about after summer. Either I or you had interesting and fascinating moments, experience and flashbacks, WHAT IS SUMMER?

What is Summer? A period during the year when the climate is more relaxing and warm, it becomes consumer friendly; as though revenue generating. Certain attributes differ in the case of choosing out of a variety, a person’s subconscious mind analyses his cultural, emotional, spiritual and educational self before embarking on a summer journey. (Comment after reading through) KPAKO 3 MOST DARING EXPERIENCES LAST SUMMER Kpako brings you 3 most daring experiences that happened last summer. It’s essential to pay close attention to the vitality and dexterity of Kpako because summer experiences are dicey to pick from.

  1. Twitter became a tool of communication long ago, yet not until last summer. It skyrocketed to another phase as functional platform for every age group. Kpako wasn’t left out of the fun and thrill. Savagery opinions are the best fun ever and Kpako has been able to gain more engagements from displaying those opinions.
  2. Gucci definitely made waves and bubbling sensations last summer. Trends are definitely a must to engage in, why would i settle for a Gucci piece when I can get a Kpako piece at an affordable price at the expense of better quality? Kpako Summer 17 collection featured some of the best designs amongst recent works. It’s a must to check out. It featured Lagos chiefs in their dialectic form, a concept of design of two friends enjoying the summer vibes and a finesse display of the brand; definitely daring.
  3. Music is growing faster, at a double rate. More tantalizing piece from the old folks and more young sensations making pleasant sounds of rhythm and confidence. Last summer features Kpako styling music artistes and celebrities. Koker, Brainee, Laycon are examples of artistes and Richard-Mofe Damijo, Akpororo are examples of celebrities.
The PRICE for the brand. The Price for the brand is a Penny. Take a moment, think and digest, Yes, it’s worth it.


The perfect proposal. Cardi B is definitely on the limelight as Offset, an act from the Trap set Migos proposed to her dramatically last  Friday at the Philadelphia’s Power 99’s Powerhouse concert. Both parties took to their Instagram pages to post pictures from the scenario. More details on their Instagram pages @iamcardib and @offsetyrn

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